Ever wanted to try two restaurants on the same night, but only had one evening for dinner, now is your chance. Every Wednesday, La Boheme and Bodega are offering you the chance to do just that!

The Best of Local Producers

Both restaurants pride themselves in sourcing and using only local produce as much as possible and therefore both menus will showcase the best of what local producers have to offer.

On alternate Wednesday's the trail will start in either La Boheme or Bodega at 7pm.  Enjoy your Trilogy of Mise en Bouche, Starter and Fish Course in the first restaurant and then let yourself be guided to the second restaurant where at 9pm you will enjoy your meat course, dessert and tea/coffee and petit fours.

The per person price is €39.50 This is a perfect night out for tourists, a group of hens, a birthday celebration, or just a different culinary experience for a couple on a night out!

Sample La Boheme Restaurant Trail Menu

(see Bodega's Website to view their sample menu!)

 Trio of Mise en Bouche: Rillettes of Fenor Farm Pork Belly, Blow Torched Salmon with Curry Cream & Crème Brulee of Local Crabmeat infused with Garden Herbs


 Grantstown Nurseries Medley of Just Picked Tomatoes, Basil and Brown Rice Wine Vinaigrette, Gabriel Cheese Shavings, Deep Fried Calamari Rings


 Choucroute of Local Seafood, Sea Scallops, Mussels, Hake & Cod, Lemon and Herb Butter Sauce


 Rump of Irish Lamb, Creamy Parmesan Polenta, Pôellé of Cep Mushrooms, Lamb Jus


“L’Opera” Cake, Chococolat and Coffee Cream Entremet 

Caramel & Coffee Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream


 Filter Coffee or Tea with Homemade Petit Fours

 €39.50 per person