La Bohéme - A taste of France in the heart of Waterford.

Chef Eric Thezé

Proprietor and Chef Eric Théze started his career at the age of 14 in his hometown of Pleneuf Val Andre in Brittany, France. He graduated with a National Culinary Diploma, coming first in his province. Eric worked with a number of French Master Chefs for the next ten years before joining Master Chef Christian Bertrand in Restaurant Bertrand, Greenwich, Connecticut, one of the finest restaurants in the US.

The Move to Ireland

In 1996, Eric and his family moved to Ireland where he developed his career as Head Chef at Humewood Castle in the Wicklow mountains; Cooke’s Restaurant in Dublin and the Arbutus Lodge in Cork. He also held the position as Executive Head Chef at Faithlegg House Hotel before opening La Bohème in 2006.

Food is passion and passion is food

For me, cooking is life. Anything before or after is just waiting. I love everything about food, the ingredients, the preparation, the dining, and camaraderie. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a chef and share my passion, because without people, food is nothing. It must be shared to be enjoyed. Fine dining is more than fine food; it’s good company.

A gastronomic tour of the quintessential France

I also wanted to marry my love of food with my love of France, because in many ways, when I think of one, I think of the other. From the windswept coastline of Brittany, where the lamb tastes of the salty fields on which it grazes to the delicious fish stews of Marseilles and the Mediterranean, La Boheme to me is France on a plate, full of flavour and rich in character.

Our Building

What endeared us to the vaults of the Georgian building we chose to restore was its flagstone floors, lime washed walls and arched ceilings that reminded us of the great kitchens of the French chateaux, their old world charm and classic culinary ambience. It was meant to be a restaurant. It has the heart and soul of a kitchen with the warmth and character of a home.